Latest Gossip

Welcoming smiles at ISHCMC

Returned to the International School of Ho Chi Minh city this week and was greeted with happy faces all around!

Back to School at Stamford American Academy

Our first project of the Fall semester brought as back to the brand new campus of one of Singapore’s premiere international schools, the Stamford American Academy. Get ready for their entire story coming soon to!

Camp Asia filming is over!

Looks like we got the “thumbs up” for a job well done!

Cspeaking heading to summer camp

Conceptually Speaking Designs and are heading to Camp Asia in Singapore to once again work with our friends at Cognita Schools Asia.

QSI El Tigre off to a bright start

Enjoying my return back to QSI El Tigre after a six or seven year lapse. Not much has changed where the happy children are concerned. 

Cspeaking touches down in Venezuela

From Geneva to Venezuela, Conceptually Speaking visits QSI in El Tigre, but first a quick diversion to a the La Ljovizna waterfall in Puerto Ordaz. 

Filming in Armenia this week

Enjoying the sunny skies and the new campus of the QSI International School of Yerevan.  

Chengdu film finalized and online

After a few quick edits, we’ve got the newest QSI film online from Chengdu, China.