Background Information

Since 2000, Conceptually Speaking’s main clientele have been from international schools around the globe. In 2012, in an effort to simplify things and to more clearly state the obvious, we are now co-branded as

What’s the difference? Not much, really. We just hope it will be easier for schools to locate us and recognize the services offered that are specifically tailored to them.

Each year we visit about 15 schools, typically spending a week on-site gathering information, perspectives, interviews, insight, and loads and loads of rich footage full of smiling faces. Then, within a few weeks we return our version of their story, told by the articulate cast of characters that make up the international school communities around the world.

It really is a fun job for us.

When you decide to work with Conceptually Speaking, you are making the decision to work with more than just a production company. During our twenty-two years of collaborating with academic institutions, we’ve conducted over 10000 interviews with educators, students and parents. We have become true content experts in the world of international education.

We know the rhetoric. We know the curricula. And we know the most important parts of filming on a school campus. And so as film makers we do everything possible to be discreet and non-disruptive as your educators work with your students in their classrooms.

Conceptually Speaking & create an ideal tool for your school’s promotional and recruiting needs. If your school is looking for new students, teachers, capital funds or just a compelling visual addition to your website, then one of our films is likely the answer. Especially when it comes to working on a tight budget.

“The Conceptually Speaking Team is very professional and both quick and pleasant to work with. During their three days of filming, classes were never disrupted. In the video the school atmosphere is captured extremely well and the outcome is highly satisfactory.  Great value for the money!”

Rick Spradling, former Director of the AISVienna, now of ASHague.