Conceptually Speaking really offers three core products for your consideration: The Storyteller, Speak in a Week and the Speaking Vicariously interactive DVD. We would like to note that we can always tailor a project to your specific needs, timing and budget.

Additionally we are happy to put together special group pricing packages for organizations as we have done in the past with International Schools GroupCEESA, Cognita SchoolsNESA & QSI.

The Storyteller

This is our basic package, an 8-12 minute film requiring 3 to 4 days of filming and usually finalized within one month of filming completion. This is the classic recruiting film, covering all the bases in one quick dash. In 2016 we have told many stories, from a return to our very first school from the 2001 in AIS Vilnius, to our very first film in Germany. We revisited several QSI schools China stopping in ChengduShenzhen & Dongguan.

Speak in a Week

Our “Speak in a Week” product is designed to meet your needs faster. With our standard product, the turnaround time can be between three weeks and two months, but when you choose to “Speak in a Week” we deliver your final film in one week, and usually on-site.

We arrive at your school on the weekend to start the planning, filming and scripting. By Friday evening we are ready to go into post production, putting together your school’s story so that on Monday, we have a rough cut to review. If by chance we are missing shots or need to alter some elements, we can do this on the fly and use the rest of the day and Tuesday to make the final cuts.

Before we leave your school, you have your film in hand or very close to completion. Our most recent “Speak in a Week” was filmed at the American School of Bombay and here is an earlier one from Saigon South International School.

Speaking Vicariously Project

This is a fully interactive project, with custom segments tailored to your needs. With up to 30 minutes of edited footage, this package is perfect for larger schools wishing to reach out to multiple constituents in a more comprehensive approach. Our recent work with Stamford AmericanISG in Saudi Arabia, AISChennaiISA, Vientiane International SchoolISPP & ISHCMC are nice examples of how this package might suit you school.

Maintaining a Film

One of the great things about our films is that they can be constantly updated and maintained to stay current with your administration(s) and change along with your facilities and staff. For all of our products we do offer quick and easy Maintenance Updates which are priced according to the amount of change necessary, but usually a fraction of the cost of the original film. Whenever possible we try to coordinate this type of project while travelling in your school’s region.

Recently the Anglo American School of Sofia changed directors and started a new building project. We revisited the school, filmed for a few hours and turned around their film on site.