Client Comments

Over the years we have worked with many schools and organizations, and here is what just a few of them had to say.

I am writing to say a huge thank you to you for this WONDERFUL final video of our school. I am VERY happy with it and am super excited to use it in recruiting next week! You put so much time and artistry into every piece of it and it shows beautifully. I really enjoyed listening to all the various interviews and seeing how each piece connects with the next. You captured several features of our school both realistically and creatively and a lovely message of community and opportunity comes through. I will be proud to share this with anyone!
Madeleine Heide, Academia Cotopaxi American International School

Tony Pappa, director of Conceptually Speaking Designs & recently came to visit KAS and recorded his perception of our school. We believe that in his 7-part video, he captured the essence of Kaohsiung American School and KAS families, our unique values and the setting where these are nurtured.
Dr. Thomas Farrell, Kaohsiung American School

All schools have a unique story to tell and I’m pleased we chose you and Conceptually Speaking to tell ours!. The video has been a powerful tool for recruitment of students. We chose Conceptually Speaking to develop and shoot this visual narrative due to your extensive experience with international schools and your exceptional value for service and flexibility. You provided us with a professional video that both communicates our unique qualities and connects with prospective families and teachers. Thanks for the good work.
Charles Barton, Saigon South International School

Tony did an excellent job with the films for ISPP and he was very flexible to work with. He caught the essence school life here and put the students, teachers and parents at ease throughout his time on site. He has been back to the school on a regular basis in order to ensure that our films are up to date and reflect the school as it is now. Tony makes it easy for the school community to tell its story. I was very pleased with the results of his efforts and I highly recommend Tony to any school.
Barry Sutherland, Director, ISPP

I highly endorse Conceptually Speaking for their filming of schools and organizations.  Quality Schools International (QSI) has consistently used the services of Conceptually Speaking since 2002. During this time, it has completed 50 films of the individual QSI schools along with training modules and two general films for the QSI organization at large. In each film, Conceptually Speaking has captured the unique essence of each school along with the QSI organization of which they are a part.  These films have become an important aspect of each school’s history and provide an accurate description to prospective families and teachers looking to gain understanding of the QSI schools.
E. Michael Tewalthomas, QSI Director of Operations

We decided do a promotional video so that parents considering ISHCMC could get a good understanding of the strong community feel at our school.  ISHCMC is a special place with a very warm and welcoming spirit and Tony did such a good job of capturing it.  He took great effort to understand what we wanted and we were very pleased with the results.  He was very professional and was able to blend in with the school without disrupting our classes.  His great customer service continued after we made the video helping us with necessary changes.  I would, without reservation, highly recommend him and his company to anyone considering doing a promotional video.
Valerie Twomey, Director of Marketing & Communications, Cognita Schools Vietnam 


“It is easy to work with Tony from Conceptually Speaking and I have always been amazed as how quickly and easily he captures the key characteristics of our community in only a few days of video.  I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”
Ed Ladd, American School of Doha

 “The video, which Tony made for us, has been very useful in marketing our school. The video really brings out and highlights the essence of our schools in a very professional production. The situation here had a unique challenge for Tony in that he had to do two videos, one for each school, and he had to incorporate the special nature of our two schools together concept. There was also a dual language requirement. Tony put it all together in several days. Tony was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him.”
Jim Schell, Business Manager, Osaka International School

“We’ve hired Tony twice now, and his work just gets better and better. He made a terrific video for us, one that is innovative and that effectively targets different constituencies. I would highly recommend his work both for its quality and for the reasonable pricing of his services.”
Fred Wesson, Canadian Academy

“Please accept this as an unsolicited testimonial for the Conceptually Speaking team.  They were a real pleasure to work with and never let us down in any way; we got what they promised, and more, in the timeframe set up.  They were amenable to change with the schools and I observed them “in action” at our school in Belgrade and know the director and staff were extremely happy working with them. I recommend them very highly.  I think their product is very professional and their price reasonable.  I do not think you could lose.”
David Cobb, CEESA Director

It was a real pleasure working Conceptually Speaking. The entire process of developing the CD from the initial contact to final delivery was seamless and best of all the product is a great value for money! We have used it for prospective families, to recruit teachers and on occasions when we want to introduce our school to new organizations.

They were very open to weaving in our ideas but were also great in that they had a variety of other creative ideas utilized to successfully highlight our school. Thanks for the great work!

Dr. Chip Barder, Director, ASW