Conceptually Speaking tailors each film to your school’s unique character. We Work closely with the admin, faculty and students to highlight key aspects of the school community: the academics, sporting and art programs, extra curricular activities and the connection with the local community. And since the video is filmed and edited digitally, updates are easy. New footage, photos and interviews can be quickly added to keep your film current.

The ABC’s of promoting your school with

A – Act

You’ve found the site and read the information… now it’s time to act.

If it’s time to show the world all that your school has to offer and, conceptually speaking, you think we are the best team for the job then, by all means contact us to… 

B – Book

We can typically accommodate a project with very short notice, but book many projects well in advance throughout the year. Whenever possible we try to regionalize productions to cut down on travel costs for schools. We’ve done several tours of Asia, Europe and the Middle East. And we even offer the full service “Speak in a Week” project that gets the first cut of the final product in your hands within one week of filming completion. 

C – Create

With a firm date locked in, we are ready to create and tell your school’s story. The proverbial “we” is actually a one-person crew that will spend between two and five days filming at your school and the city and country where it is based. The difference being a school with 1000 students takes a lot longer to cover than a school with 100 students might. 

Upon arrival, we will sit down with the key players you have specified in your school to interview them for your story. We also ask that teachers recommend classes and activities that might be visually compelling. Whenever possible we plan our filming around special events being held at schools, such as commencements, international days, regional sport tournaments, drama and music productions.